Stacy Smart

Boise, ID Artist since January, 2017

Stacy Smart lives in Southwest Idaho with her husband Peter, their two boys Oliver + Roman, and their goldendoodle, Poppy. As a former hairstylist, Stacy has always loved the beauty industry, and has always wanted to help women feel beautiful. When she first enrolled as an Artist, she grabbed the basic kit in hopes of supplementing her family's income. At the time, she had just come off food stamps and was looking to help her husband in providing for their family. 

Stacy loves attending the leadership retreats and getting to know other like-minded women in this business. She has a deep appreciation for the masterminding and collaboration that happens at these retreats. You will never find Stacy without a jar of Milk Creme or a collection of Seint brushes- she's obsessed! Her favorite place to travel is Europe, and she dreams of spending a summertime in the countryside of France (Stacy highly recommends checking out Mont St Michel, it's fascinating!). When Stacy isn't working her business or running carpool, you'll find her camping in the mountains with her family - it's her happy place!