Tracy Donald

Petrolia, ONArtist since May, 2020

Tracy is a proud mother of 3 with two beautiful daughter in laws.  She has one PERFECT granddaughter Hadley from her son and his wife; and my Daughter and her wife are expecting their first (its a boy)! Tracy's son Jeff is 26 (Hadley’s Daddy) and is married to Taylor, her daughter Mackenzie is 25 (Mama’s to be in September) married to her wife Megan and an 18 year old son Rawson. She is married to her best friend Rob; who had their first kiss 24 years ago and just celebrated their 20 Wedding anniversary October 2020 (Best 20 years of his life according to Tracy). Their family pet is a Weimrraner named Si.  They all reside on a 100 acre farm in Petrolia, ON, Canada. Tracy is a retired Child and Youth Councillor and has spent 25 in direct sales! She have built 4 business from the bottom to the top and I am so passionate to pay it forward! Tracy says, " I do what I do because I love to help women find their power… because a confident woman is unstoppable!!" Tracy became a Seint customer in February 2020. At the time she didn’t wear a lot of makeup, not because she didn’t like it but because she didn’t know how. Tracy was pleasantly surprised how quickly she fell in love and how simple it was. Tracy was with another company the pervious 6 years but just didn’t feel it was a good fit and for about 2 years I was looking for something else. Nothing hooked her enough to want to go “all in”…until Seint. She joined May of 2020 and came in with the mindset to do for 2 years what most won’t, to have in 2 years what everyone wants! In 9 months she ranked to Artist VII and is excited to be promoting her first VII in the next 60 days. Tracy is grateful for the beautiful team that makes up Tracy’s Tribe and can’t wait to meet all of her teammies!

The best advice for new artists is have FUN! Be yourself and be passionate about what you are sharing. People want to be a part of something exciting! If you want to take your business to the top... treat your business like a business- not a hobby! Be consistent, stay in your own lane and have good work ethic! And DO NOT compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 25! Comparison is the truly the thief of all Joy- Theodore Rosevelt Tracy's favourite Seint product has to be our lip and cheeks… but seriously how do you pick just one?? Her favorite thing in general about Seint is how simple it is for everyone and it leaves you with a beautiful radiant glow! The coolest place she has ever been had to be a 2018 trip to Israel! Tracy's latest binge on Netflix… Currently down the Younger Rabbit hole!!! Holy heck YES!!!