Whitney Bull

Knoxville, TN Artist since March, 2019

Whitney Bull and her husband, Jake, will celebrate their ten year wedding anniversary in May this year. They got married just after Whitney turned 20 years old, and their love story is Whitney’s absolute favorite. Whitney and Jake have four littles: Caitlyn (8), Wilson (6), Paisley (4), and Sawyer (2). They currently live in Knoxville, TN, and love the small town vibes and friendly faces. Whitney became an Artist in March 2019, after seeing Seint for the first time. Whitney hadn’t heard about it until she landed on Paige Sevier’s Instagram and Whitney is so thankful their paths’ crossed.

Whitney’s number one tip she’d share with new artists wanting to be successful is to show up consistently, and love your customers as well as your team. Root for others to succeed and celebrate their successes, just as you’d want someone else to cheer you on. Be encouraging and always seek to find the best in all things. Whitney attended Reign in 2019, and vows she will do whatever it takes to attend every Seint event. She truly saw Cara’s heart and the mission of Seint, which only solidified that she was part of something remarkable.

If Whitney had to choose her favorite Seint product, it would be Glow Illuminator. Whitneys loves to mix it with Frenchie to get a custom lip color, and she loves lining her lips with Glow as well. Plus, when paired with Bella, it’s the perfect sun kissed warmth to brighten up any face. The coolest place Whitney has ever been would have to be St. Augustine, FL. She’s been vacationing there since she was born, and it never gets old. Whitney’s latest Netflix binge-watch was Criminal Minds - it’s always been a favorite show of hers, but with the final season, she felt like she needed to get back to the start. And there’s no doubt about it - if Whitney could eat one food every day it would be chips and salsa. Anything Mexican has her palate!