• Arrow: caret upGeneral

    • Your kit takes a little extra time because we pack it with a little extra love. Expect to receive your kit within 5-7 business days.

    • You should receive details on how to login to your Back Office with your kit order confirmation.

      Login information to the app is done a bit differently and will be received within 1-2 business days upon signing up.

      The payment app (Paylutions or Hyperwallet) details and login information will come on your first valid pay day. That means if you signed up this week, you should be receiving your login information next Friday. (This will all make a lot more sense when you understand how the pay periods work as well. You can find out more details about that on our Compensation Plan page.)

    • Right now, the Find My Artist feature searches within a 100 mile radius and grabs the top sellers from that area. The reason we do this is to ensure the customer finds a committed artist who can be sure to get all their questions answered! Often times team leaders will refer this customer to their down lines who may be a good artist fit for them.

      We are working on an improvement to allow the customer to choose between 4 different radius for the more saturated areas.

    • We try our hardest to keep things in stock for you but due to unforeseen delays in shipment from the manufacturers and influxes of orders sometimes products go out of stock for a bit. It is very rare we have items out of stock for more than a month and we always try to keep you updated on the dates we expect things to come back. Be sure to follow check the Products page for product stock details.

    • We are unable to move downlines from teams under any circumstances. We have a very strict policy about this because the consequences of moving artists around are huge and affect so many people and aspects of the organization. The good thing is you are your own business and you can receive help and give help to different artists who aren’t even on your team. We are all about artist camaraderie on or off your team!

    • We strongly believe in once your customer, always your customer! This means we cannot move customers from one artist to another.

    • The hostess order must be placed BEFORE you close the party because we cannot re-open the party.

    • Shoot an email and we can get it taken care of for you, but please don’t leave us!

    • It is very rare that an artist kit has not been touched or used to the point that you will receive a refund. We suggest giving lightly used items to your team members. Once you send in your kit for a return, we cannot ship it back out to you if it is non-refundable!

      You may return your artist kit within one year of purchase for a refund of up to 90% of the purchase price. The artist kit must be returned in its entirety; all contents of the starter kit must be unopened and all items must be unused and in resalable condition in order to receive a refund. You are advised to insure the package for $200, as Maskcara Beauty is not responsible for lost shipments. The original shipping and handling fees are not eligible for a refund.

      Please note that when sending a return, make certain to retain your tracking number.  Return/Exchanges that do not arrive at our warehouse cannot be processed without a valid tracking number.

    • Events that you would need to attend in person show times in the event location's time zone. Other events on show event times in the time zone where you are located.

      Note that when you add an event via the 'Add to Calendar' button, the event will then show in your calendar in the time zone wherever you are located (unless you've changed your calendar settings to use a 'Time Zone Override').

  • Arrow: caret upCanada

    • Yes, based on your geographical location it will default to the correct country. There will also be a dropdown menu in the top right corner to select your country if needed.

    • Yes, cross-border customers are allowed.

      If you are a customer from Canada and ordering from a US artist, you would then make sure you are on that US artist’s page, but have the Canadian flag up in the corner. Vice versa if you’re a US Customer ordering under a Canadian Artist.

    • Yes, the process for signing up artists will remain the same no matter the originating country of the signee and sponsor.

    • Yes! Please use the contact form on the website to contact ASK for any questions or concerns.

    • Rewards will be adjusted to match the exchange rate.

    • C$14.95

    • The Artist Pro Kit, a few compact colors and Stay spray with SPF are not available.

    • The difference in regulations for SPF products creates a longer timeline for making this available.

    • Only the Basic Kit will is offered at this time. Unfortunately we can’t provide a larger kit due to Canadian regulations.

    • C$279

    • Yes

    • $3.95

    • $16.95

    • Canadian shipping charges are simply higher. To arrive at the $3.95 shipping rate, it has been heavily subsidized by Maskcara in an attempt support the field with an easy, low cost option in Canada similar to the US.

    • C$125

    • Yes, the same 30 day return policy will apply. The only difference will be the address the returns are sent to. Artists and customers will be responsible for return shipping costs.

    • Through Paylutions app.

    • Canadian Artists need a special license to do direct sales in Canada. Canadian Artists will need to pay for this license themselves. Unfortunatley, due to regulations Maskcara Beauty is not able to support artists in Quebec at this time. Learn how to apply for a Direct Seller License.

  • Arrow: caret upCompensation

    • Weekly commissions are paid out every Friday. The pay period is for the previous week of orders from Monday – Sunday. Monthly bonuses are paid out on the 10th of every month for the previous month. Once the commission has been paid it will move from the Current Earnings section to the Paid Commissions section of your back office.

    • You will receive an email from Paylution, with your login information, on the day you are scheduled to receive your first commission payout.

    • Commissions are not finalized until the day they are paid. Pending commissions may be subject to change.

    • If a return is made you will see a commission volume clawback in the weekly/monthly cycle the return is processed in. This negative adjustment will stay on your account until the balance is paid off.

    • All customer orders placed with your party link, no matter which artist account the customer is linked with, will be credited to you for both commission and hostess rewards. If you are seeing an order in your party and commission details but NOT your customers section, the customers account was created with another artist or directly with Seint corporate. You can send an email to Ask for confirmation on who the customer is under.

    • The monthly enhanced personal sales commission will show 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% depending on your sales. You are paid 20% weekly so you will receive whatever additional amount of bonus commissions on your monthly payout. This means it will show the remaining percentage on top of the 20% you will have already received.

    • Your Top Rank will update after the monthly payout on the 10th if you advanced. The Paid Rank will reset each month as you need to meet the requirements in each qualifying month to be paid at that rank.

    • You will not earn SV on Artist or Demi kits; however, it will count towards your CV for ranking and enhanced retail commission!

    • You will not earn any commission on the purchase of your downline’s kit. You are eligible to receive an Artist in Training bonus, which is more than you would make on a Basic Kits commission!

    • You will still receive 20% weekly commission on any customer orders regardless of being active with 240CV in a qualifying month. If your account is in suspended status at the time of a commission payout, commission will be forfeited.

    • The Artist in Training Bonus is paid out as your downline makes sales and not in one lump sum. This means you may receive some of this bonus over several months until you hit the maximum. You do need to be active with 240 CV to receive downline bonus commission, including the Artist in Training Bonus.

    • You need to be active in order to rank up to any rank and this goes for Artist II as well. That means the month you hit 640 in accumulative CV, you need to be active (have at least 240 CV that month) to advance rank!

    • You will receive commission on any orders placed at full retail. You will not receive an additional 20% weekly commission if you order with your 20% artist discount up front. You will however receive full CV/SV on artist discount orders for ranking and enhanced retail commission.

    • Yes, you will receive SV/CV on the paid subtotal from the order after the discounts have been applied.

    • If an artist cancels their account then their downline will roll up in level. For example a level 2 artist will roll up to level 1, level 3 to level 2, and so on. Retail customers will also roll up.

    • Yes, cross-border sponsorship is allowed!

    • Yes, you can have both Canada and US orders within the same party. The exchange rate will be applied to the sales volume for cross-border orders.

    • All US artists who earn over $600 in commission in a calendar year will receive a 1099 form at the beginning of the next year.

      All Canada artists who earn more than $500 CAD in sales will receive a T4A Slip at the beginning of the following year.

    • We are only required to provide a tax form if an artist made over $600 commission in the US and $500 commission in Canada. For any other tax questions please consult a tax professional.

    • Your YTD (Year to Date) total is listed on the main page of your back office, or you can download your commission payouts from your Paylution account.

    • This must be done through the Paylution website ( on a desktop! Note: You’ll need to wait until you receive your login information before requesting the card. If you have any questions regarding the Paylution website or app, their customer service can help you with that!

      Phone: 1-877-546-8220


      For Paylution FAQ:

  • Arrow: caret upDemi Colour

    • Demi Colour is a breakthrough approach to makeup that utilizes complementary color science and light in an innovative cream formula to tone, sculpt, and brighten. The result? Undetectable makeup that preserves the unique texture of your bare skin while neutralizing complexion to enhance the features you love and smooth imperfections. Your natural beauty is extraordinary and exclusive- we want you to share it with the world.

    • Demi Colour is not a foundation! Demi Colour turns the focus to the individual colors that are present in the complexion rather than attempting to find one or two pigments that match the entire face. Demi Colour utilizes complementary colors, applied only where needed, to leave behind a sculpted, natural glow.

    • We believe you shouldn't have to choose between showing off the features you love and polishing the areas you don’t. Demi Colour uses the combination of highs and lows, stunningly smooth texture, and refined color to enhance the beautiful features of your face without sacrificing the inimitable radiance of your skin.

    • We couldn’t possibly wait any longer to share Demi Colour with you, our Artists! Since it’s such a new approach to beauty there’s much to learn. As you learn we ask that you refrain from sharing about Demi with customers. This will help you to focus on learning the science behind Demi and will be best to prevent confusion before the release. You will be required to complete your training to purchase your Kit to be sure that your start with Demi is as successful as possible.

    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Demi release is on hold until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    • Demi is unlike anything you have ever seen or applied before. Our primary focus over the next few weeks is ensuring that all of our Artists have the opportunity to learn how to correctly use Demi in order to see the full beauty it has to offer. We will be sharing Demi training videos and content to prepare you to successfully understand, use, and market Demi to your customers.

    • As we prepare to launch Demi Colour, we have a plan in place to help you know what to expect and to offer you support along the way! Please note that while we will do our best to stick to the schedule, minor adjustments may be necessary.

    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Demi Colour release is on hold until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • Arrow: caret upNoir

    • The Maskcara Reward Trip is awarded to Artists who have pushed through their personal limits during the six month qualification period. Maskcara awards those artists who achieve these goals with a paid trip to beautiful locations around the world. Reward is more than just a trip. It is an opportunity to meet fellow Maskcara sisters -including Cara herself- bond, collaborate, and relax in paradise.

    • The Reward Trip will take place Monday, April 5th - Saturday, April 10th of 2021. Please note: Maskcara reserves the right to postpone the trip date due to unforeseen circumstances; all qualifying Artists will be notified in this unlikely event.

    • Artists have six months to earn a minimum of 20,000 points to qualify for the Reward Trip. Artists can earn points three different ways: by paid rank, rank advancements, and sales.

    • Points can be viewed in your back office.

    • Rank advancement points will be applied the following month on the 10th, when the commissions cycle is committed for the month you advance to rank.

    • You will be notified by a member of the Maskcara Events Team when you have earned the minimum of 20,000 points. The initial notification will be done via email. For this reason, it is important to have a valid email address on file with Maskcara.

      • All-inclusive five night stay at the Planet Hollywood Costa Rica
      • Transportation to and from the airport and resort
      • Hotel baggage handling
      • All meals and drinks at the hotel (including alcoholic beverages)
      • 24-hour room service
      • Wireless internet
      • Most on-property sports and activities
      • Unlimited long distance telephone calls to the Continental USA, Canada, and Mexico
      • All gratuities for housekeeping and bellmen services
      • Entrance to Maskcara-sponsored events
      • Swag bag
    • Travel credit is awarded based on the number of points an Artist earns during the six-month period. The more points earned, the more travel credit an Artist earns. Travel credit can be used toward an additional guest or airfare to the destination.

    • Travel credit is awarded based on the number of points an artist earns during the six-month period. All qualifying artists will earn a minimum of $200 travel credit. The more points earned, the more travel credit an artist earns. Travel credit can be used toward an additional guest or airfare to the destination. Maskcara will issue the travel credit to all qualifying artists on December 1, 2020. Artists will be responsible for booking their own flights to Costa Rica with that travel credit.

    • Details about how to register online will be sent to Artists who qualify for the Reward Trip.

    • Artists earn the trip for the year they have qualified. Only in the case of a birth, death, or extreme medical condition will the Artist’s earned trip be postponed to the following year. However, the trip can only be postponed if expenses have not been incurred by Maskcara for that Artist’s trip.

    • Registration information is gathered through a secure, online website.

    • If expenses haven’t yet been incurred, Maskcara will work with you to cancel your trip plans.

    • The Reward Trip it a valuable way in which we recognize Artists achievements. If any Artist is unable to attend the Reward Trip it not redeemable for cash.

    • Maskcara incentive trips are non-transferrable.

    • At the end of the qualification period, Maskcara will randomly draw 10% of the total number of Reward Trip qualifiers to be able to bring one complimentary guest. Otherwise, pricing for additional family members or guests is available upon request. Guests cannot be another Independent Maskcara Artist.

    • Please note that regardless of the circumstance, payment for your additional guest is non-refundable after the specific date identified on the trip website, which will be sent out to qualifiers.

    • Artists will be responsible for booking their own flights to Costa Rica with their travel credit.

      Please make your flight arrangements to arrive/depart from the main international airport in Liberia, Costa Rica (Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport, also known as Liberia International Airport, LIR). Group arrival date is April 5, 2021; we recommend arriving no later than 4 PM. The transfer time is about 35 minutes and the Welcome Reception starts at 6 PM. The group departure date is April 10, 2021. We ask that you forward your flight details to the Maskcara Event Team by January 31, 2021 to ensure your transportation is arranged. Once we receive your flight itinerary, we will book a transfer on your behalf. If you book your flights beyond the group dates, you are responsible for booking your own transportation between the airport and the hotel.

    • Maskcara will arrange complimentary transportation to and from the airport and resort during the trip dates (see How does airfare work? above). If an Artist plans on traveling outside the trip dates, they will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements.

    • There is an on-call flight contact available through Morris Meetings and Incentives.

    • All meals and drinks at the resort (including alcoholic beverages) are covered. Artists are responsible for all meals and other expenses incurred during travel or off the resort.

    • Yes! All attendees will need passports to attend. Citizens of all countries need to provide documentation for themselves. Keep in mind, obtaining a passport takes time. We encourage all participants to look into how long it takes to get a passport now and especially after officially qualifying for the Reward trip. More information on how to obtain a passport can be found online or at your local post office. Maskcara will not cover any passport/documentation costs.

    • Check online or at your local post office.

    • Because unforeseen circumstances may arise, our partner, Morris Meetings and Incentives recommends that you purchase travel insurance to protect any personal travel arrangements you may make or medical situations your health insurance may not cover while away from home. We suggest you consult your insurance provider to determine what coverage you will have while traveling.

      They recommend Arch RoamRight’s® Pro Plus Plan, which includes coverage for trip delay; emergency medical treatment or evacuation; lost, stolen, or damaged baggage; or baggage delay. The plan also includes non-insurance services of Worldwide Emergency Assistance supported by UnitedHealthcare Global. For more information or to purchase a travel insurance plan, go here.

  • Arrow: caret upLa Mar

    • You will be notified by a member of the Seint Events Team when you have earned the Leadership Retreat. The initial notification will be done via email. For this reason, it is important to have a valid email address on file with Seint.

    • No, each qualifying Artist is responsible for booking and paying their own airfare if flying. This also allows Artists who are geographically closer and prefer to drive directly to the resort to do so.

    • Details about how to register online will be sent to Artists who qualify for the Leadership Retreat.

    • No, Artists earn the trip for the year they have qualified and may not defer it to another year.

    • No, the Leadership Retreat is non-transferrable.

    • No, because the purpose of the leadership retreat is to connect with other leaders and focus on your own skill set as the leader of a team, guests are not permitted to attend this event with you. But we’re confident you will have an incredible experience as you come and create new friendships!

    • We welcome infants in arms, up to six months of age at time of event. While we understand the challenge of arranging care for children while you are away, the events and activities that are carefully planned to help leaders grow and connect are not child friendly. Attending without children will give you the opportunity to focus on your business, find unity with other leaders, and take full advantage of the benefits the retreat has to offer.

    • Transportation to and from the airport varies by trip. So stay tuned for more details!

    • Please feel free to contact the Events Team at at any time!

  • Arrow: caret upDulce

    • Dulce is an opportunity for Artists to come together remotely from all across the US and Canada for a weekend of inspiration and empowerment for a truly decadent experience!

      At Maskcara Beauty, we believe you shouldn’t save dessert for last. Don’t wait to enjoy life until after the difficult tasks are overcome and the lofty goals are achieved! It’s the sweet and simple everyday moments that forge a beautiful life. Join us virtually at Reunion 2020: Dulce for inspiration on filling your plate with the right balance of fuel for your dreams and joy for your palate.

      Reunions are the perfect ingredient to making life-long connections with your Maskcara sisters, learning invaluable skills to better your business and yourself, and to living your sweetest life, however you cook it up. Your ticket to Dulce includes full access to training, inspiring speakers, games and prizes, special Artist awards and recognition, and so much more.

    • Get a taste of the sweet life and join us virtually on the Dulce Virtual Reunion Facebook Group, September 18th + 19th, 2020. Receive access to the Facebook group when you purchase a Dulce virtual ticket here!

    • Event times are determined by your current location. Since Dulce is now a virtual event, we're showing you the event times for your time zone.

      Note that when you add an event via the “Add to Calendar” button, the event will still show in your calendar in the time zone wherever you are located (unless you've changed your calendar settings to use a “Time Zone Override”).

    • Dulce Virtual Ticket + Swag Bag (pricing expires July 31, 2020) $75 *Swag bags will be mailed to your house in September.

      Dulce Virtual Ticket (pricing expires September 1, 2020) $50

    • Your ticket to Dulce includes full access to in-depth trainings, breakout sessions taught by experts and top leaders, inspiring speakers, recognition, games and prizes, and the option to purchase a swag bag loaded with sweet goodies.

    • You are responsible for cancelling your room reservation directly with the Green Valley Resort. You are able to cancel your room at no penalty directly with the hotel from now until 72 hours prior to check-in. If you feel comfortable and are still wanting to travel, the Green Valley Resort is open and you are welcome to get away for a girls weekend as you participate in the event virtually. The Maskcara room rate will still apply. There will simply not be a corporate presence at the resort during the event.

    • The Dulce Virtual Reunion will strictly be an Artist only event. No guest tickets or more than one ticket will be allowed per Artist.

    • Maskcara Artists who have purchased a ticket!

    • You bet! Your comfiest attire complete with your favorite beverage and snacks!

    • Yes! We will have exclusive Artist merchandise and a few new products available for purchase online in conjunction with the Dulce Virtual Reunion.